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Javier Moreno has one decade of experience teaching the art of Music : Bass Guitar, double bass, music theory, composition,  harmony at the piano, solfeggio,  combo, and ensemble. He is a passionate and patient teacher. He always adapt himself to the students as much as possible, depending on their age, level and musical abilities, building up strategies to make them feel enthusiastic and satisfied about their progress inside the magical world of music.

I have had wonderful opportunities to instruct a diverse group of   students, and as a result, I have developed highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods, which have allowed me to educate all styles of learners, and foster a fun and engaging learning environment that effectively teaches music appreciation, promotes creativity and encourages growing independence.  

One of my greatest strengths as an educator is meeting each student’s unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each of them, I achieve this by seeing a assessing the students as individuals, and tailoring lesson plans to accommodate multiple intelligences, furthermore, I offer one-on-one and after-school support to ensure that all students are able to grasp the learning materials and enhance their personal skills.  My goal is to increase student motivation, awareness, and understanding of music, while implementing interdisciplinary-based lessons involving, language, arts and multiculturalism. (Spanish and English)


Working with a new student 


I give a free lesson to meet the student and evaluate her or his potential in order to build an individual plan to follow for the next coming lessons, always based in their musical affinity and their musical background. How I could help ? Where the music they  like or they love, wants to go ?

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